Both Isobel and Adrieynne are wearing the Spring Spirit Gacha by ((LovelyAlien)) – Top, Bottom, Leg Vines, and Rare Horns. Also features LovelyAlien’s Crocus Parasol Gacha.

These are available at the ((LovelyAlien)) mainstore:

~Additional Credits & Information~

Isobel: Head-Catwa Catya, Body-Maitreya, Skin-Session Julie (tone 00b), Ears-Swallow Noldor Elf Ears, Eyes-Euphoric Heterochromia Eyes, Wings-Fancy Fairy Titania Peach, Hair-Magika Nature Faye

Adrieynne: Head-SL System (no mesh), Body-Maitreya, Skin-Glam Affair Summer Skin (tone Arctic), Ears-BentBox Sylvan Ears, Eyes-Euphoric Fem Mesh Eyes, Wings-Fancy Fairy Titania Lavender, Hair-Magika Nature Faye

The scenery/landscaping was set up by me. It is all created by LOVE Homes and Garden with the exception of the clover and daisies, which is part of the Mayapple set by Heart Garden Centre.

The photos are not edited/manipulated, besides basic cropping. All colors and lighting are from windlight settings in-world.

Author: Isobel Udein

Roleplayer, Gacha Addict, Connoisseur of all things fantasy. Originally rezzed into Second Life in 2006 as Undaunted Vacirca. Fantasy roleplay was my cornerstone in the early days. I created Isobel several years later to use as a roleplay character then abandoned that particular storyline and found myself immersing her in the world of Gacha during RP downtime (let's not talk about that...my inventory is a frightening place - I have re-named it The Abyss and my "Gacha Folder" makes up for about half of the entire thing!). How many objects are in YOUR inventory? :) I just started blogging at the end of 2018. I am new to this and have lots to learn, all the while trying to build my follower base. I hope you will join me on this new endeavor. I have loved Second Life for nearly 14 years and can't wait to see what comes next.

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